Lisdergan Pork Belly and Braised Cheekwith cabbage & Alsace bacon, pommes Anna and Madeira Sauce Our Sail Away menus have proven to be an amazing success. For those who have not experienced them yet Boat House Sail Away’s are menus in a Boat House style that will require a bit of finishing from you at home and bring a taste of the Boat House to your home. The menus come packaged in compostable or recyclable containers and are available for collection on Fridays and Saturdays between 3pm and 6pm.  They come with full instructions and suggested presentation sketches done by Jonny.

 See here for a gallery of his sketches so far.

We also have a wine list carefully selected by Jonny for its pairing potential with our Sail-Away Menus … this is available below this weeks menu.

Future Sail Away Weekends:-  8th and 9th Jan ~ 15th and 16th Jan ~ 22nd and 23rd Jan

15th & 16th January 2021



























Our Sail Away Wine List























































31st December 2020 – New Year’s Eve









Weekend of 5th, 6th December

With a couple of extra courses than our normal Sail Away, this weeks is based on the Christmas TdH that we will have in the Boat House.










Weekend of 13th, 14th November










Weekend of 16th, 17th October









Week 6 – 19th and 20th June & Fathers Day 21st June










Week 5 – 12th and 13th June










Week 4 – 5th and 6th June 










Week 3 – 29th and 30th May 









Week 2 – 22nd and 23rd May 









Week 1 – 15th and 16th May