At The Boat House we believe passionately about sustainability in all areas of our operation.  John works closely with local suppliers operating at the highest standard in their chosen field and using every part of any ingredient bought.  From parsley roots to beef hearts.  He is working with ancient and modern preservation techniques to make sure that when there is plenty of an ingredient we are preserving it for when there is less.  We try hard to make every pound spent count multiple times by buying from local suppliers who in return buy from local suppliers and make sure that it keeps going around the local economy.  To find out more about what we do locally see our Sustainability Blog

The thing that we do recognise though is that we create a carbon footprint, no matter how small we try to make it.  there are certain ingredients we just can’t get locally, we still need delivery vehicles and we still use electricity and gas for cooking.   We have decided to offset that Carbon footprint by donating to communities in developing parts of the world.  We have added a voluntary £1.23 donation to your bill to plant a tree and will match that ourselves to make two trees for every bill.  Each of these trees helps communities in developing countries lift themselves out of poverty by providing food, education, and resource, as well as offsetting a ton of harmful CO2 over its lifetime. This initiative is run by


To see exactly where our trees are planted check out below.